Friday, December 14, 2012

Buy Tmote sky, TelosB

Tmote sky: A product designed with great care


If quality and reliability are the two parameters that you look for while buying a product you should definitely buy tmote sky as this wireless network module is designed with great care and specifications. One of its main features being the extreme low energy consumption has made this product a favorite with its users. It is very easy to install it on the systems which make it yet more convenient to use.

Telos b: A revolutionary product

The Telos b sensor networks match the expectations of the users in connecting different ends of the world with its world class features.

About Advanticsys

Advanticsys is a hi-tech, privately owned company that has a strong presence in the information and communication technology market. It specialises in the field of WSN and Industrial Remote Monitoring System.

The foray of TelosB Sensors and TelosB motes into the wireless transmission technology market changed the face of technology innovation in this field forever.

Tmote sky

The Tmote sky is an ultra-low power, wireless network module. It interconnects with peripherals to enable a wide range of mesh network applications. Tmote sky meets industry standards in temperature integration, humidity, light and humidity sensors. This unique on-board sensor now has higher functionality, expansion and performance.

The Tmote is a very innovative device and is also called Smart Dust. It has a low powered computer at its core. Once connected to a radio transmitter and sensors, it forms adhoc networks. These sensors track measurables like light, pressure, humidity, stress, sound, vibration, position and acceleration.


The TelosB sensor is an extremely advanced device that allows us the flexibility to work from any given location as per our convenience. These sensors, act as a wireless network as well as a highly advanced broadcast system.

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